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listen to the last NoonSong

For one week you may find here the last NoonSong as a complete recording to listen to. We invite you to come to the NoonSongs if you like what you hear.

We try to offer the recordings promptly but latest at the beginning of the new week. If you are missing a recording or have problems in hearing the recording, please write us an mail.

For listening please click on "read more". The player beneath the playlist will not start automaticly.


Werke im NoonSong am Samstag, 17. August 2019, 12:00 - NoonSong mit Frauenchor

Created by Stefan Schuck |

Lange war die Musikausübung für Frauen in der Kirche untersagt. Dennoch sind einige interessante Werke für Oberstimmen entstanden , seien es Werke für...

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