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Why support the NoonSongs?

You enjoy listening our records on this webpage?
You love the NoonSong and the Kirche Am Hohenzollernplatz?
You want contribute maintaining this unique offer of eucomenic praying and music culture?

Every NoonSong costs more than 1000€ per week. Additionaly costs for maintaining this webspace, advertising aso are incurred which is only supported by private spnsoring - a clear signal of accepance by our visitors.

Become a Friend

There are many ways you can help support NoonSong.

We are entirely self-funded, receiving no money from the Church or the Governement. Money is only one form of donation. Many people choose to give us their time and skills, and become volunteers or fundraising Friends.


Bank account:
NoonSong e.V.
Deutsche Kreditbank
IBAN DE36120300001005365976

Contribution receipts will be send.