Tradition means passing on the fire. (attr. Gustav Mahler)

NoonSong - a choral liturgy every Saturday at noon

Every Saturday at noon, locals, visitors to Berlin, music lovers and admirers of architecture alike attend NoonSong. It is a concert and a church service in equal measure.  Eight professional singers from the vocal ensemble sirventes berlin, led by Stefan Schuck, sing choir music. The repertoire ranges from music from the Renaissance to contemporary compositions. Some pieces reflect a centuries old tradition, others are world premieres, many are works from rarely heard composers.

After the NoonSong service, you can partake in a hearty home-made soup or delicious cakes. The NoonSong service is meant to offer a short, contemplative break in the midst of bustling Berlin life, in a church known for its architectural heritage and right next to a very popular farmer’s market, which takes place outside the church.

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NoonSong am 25.9.2021, 12:00 mit Chormusik von Rheinberger und Valls

Created by Stefan Schuck | |   mit Ton

Zwei Werke erklingen erstmals im NoonSong: das große, doppelchörige "Miserere" des Romantikers Rheinberger atmet ganz den Geist der Renaissance. Der...

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sound example from the latest NoonSong

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Listen to choral music from Palestrina, Gastoldi and J.H. Schein