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Programs of upcoming NoonSong choral serives

The NoonSong service is performed at 12 Noon nearly every Saturday. Each week, a different program of choral music is presented. Since 2008, many of the pieces presented are heard for the first time in Berlin or even in Europe. The treasure trove of appopriate music is almost limitless!

Here are the programmes of the upcoming NoonSongs. Works which are new in the NoonSong repertory are marked with an *


Samstag 30.1.2021: Nur als LIVESTREAM NoonSong mit Werken des Frühbarock von Heinrich Schütz und Andreas Hammerschmidt

Created by Stefan Schuck |

Im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert blühte die protestantische Kirchenmusik nirgendwo prächtiger als in Sachsen. Die vielfältigen Werke des heutigen...

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