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Noonsong on Saturday, 25th June 2022, 12:00

The Munich court conductor Orlando di Lasso was a European superstar in the late Renaissance, and rightly so, in our opinion. His mastery is evident not only in his large, complex and speculative works, but also in the quality and power of his manageable four-part motets, from which the setting of the 54th Psalm can be heard today.


Thomas Tallis (ca. 1505-1585): Preces & Responses


Ps. 54 Orlando di Lasso (ca. 1532-1594): Deus in nomine tuo


Ps. 46 anonym (-): God is our hope and strength




Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924): Magnificat in C (op. 115)


Hans Leo Haßler (1564-1612): Es ist das Heil uns kommen her


Liturg: Pfarrer Dr. Sebastian W. Stork
Organist: Daniel Clark

Liturgie vom Tag der Augsburgischen Konfession