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Concert & Meditation since 2008

Half an hour of meditation and music

Musical contemplation, 30 minutes of heaven – many descriptions apply to the NoonSong. In 2008, Stefan Schuck conducted psalm settings, mottos, chorales and liturgical chants on Saturdays at midday for the first time.

The singers of the professional soloist ensemble sirventes berlin usually let their voices be heard without instrumental accompaniment, i.e. a cappella The organ will be played at the beginning and end of the service.

Today the extensive musical sound archive with over 3400 well sorted recordings is unique and a great musical treasure. Experience the NoonSong on site in the church on Hohenzollernplatz or in the livestream on YouToube. We look forward to seeing you!

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Popular & appreciated beyond the neighbourhood

A musical highlight in the capital’s calendar of events

“This NoonSong today has “gone deep under my skin”. I can’t describe it any other way. Such beauty of composition and sound was actually inconceivable to me, no matter how hard I tried. All I could do was spread my soul and hope that time would stand still.”


Visitor of NoonSong in 2022

Vokalensemble Sirventes Berlin NoonSong 2017

To come to God and to oneself in the midst of the whirlwind of the day, to pause for half an hour in the midst of all obligations, to glimpse a reflection of paradise in words, sounds and colours: this is what the NoonSong invites you to do… Such a time of reflection on Saturday noon is unique even in the megacity of Berlin.


Prof. Dr. Wolgang Huber


How can a venture like the NoonSong have such success that the church is well filled Saturday after Saturday? Is it because here a group of enthusiastic singers dare to do something without cutting corners? Oder hängt es zusammen mit dem Wochenmarkt vor der Kirche? From there, many find their way into the church, you can see it in the shopping bags under the pews. Perhaps it is the mixture.


Der Tagesspiegel

It was enigmatic and therefore beautiful. […] With all the lay events in the normal church services, one has almost forgotten how the old songs sound when they are really sung and not dragged out. Es ist wunderbar, einen Sopran laut, hell und klar über allen anderen Stimmen zu hören und ihn dann wieder verschwinden erleben in der kunstvollen Polyphonie einer an Orlando di Lasso geschulten Komposition.


Arno Widmann, Berliner Zeitung

Resting point on Saturday noon

The NoonSong is a very special kind of end of the week – with very special ingredients

Sirventes Berlin

The professional NoonSong vocal ensemble sirventes berlin was founded by Stefan Schuck in 2003. It consists of professional singers from Berlin who have been regularly making music together for the NoonSong in an outstanding quality since 2008. Numerous CD recordings testify to the international highly appreciated quality of the ensemble.

Markt Kirche am Hohenzollernplatz

Stefan Schuck

Stefan Schuck is the musical director of NoonSong. Stefan Schuck completed his studies in Catholic church music at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts in 1987 . He then studied choral and orchestral conducting He has been working as a freelance conductor since 2013 and has since worked with many professional choirs.


You end the week with a visit to the weekly market at Hohenzollernplatz, because this market is now unique: after the midday chime, delicate sounds from distant centuries float across the market! The beautiful voices of a vocal ensemble caress you like angels. Curious, you follow the sounds into the church.

Markt Kirche am Hohenzollernplatz


Die Kirche Am Hohenzollernplatz, ein herausragendes Zeugnis expressionistischer Sakral­architektur, wurde 1930-33 unter dem Chilehaus-Architekten Fritz Höger und Ossip Klarwein and inaugurated on 19 March 1933. The high, narrow structure appears compact and monumental, that is why the church was also called “God’s Power Station”.

Our Guests

What would our performances be without you, dear visitors? We thank you for your loyalty and support and look forward to welcoming you back to NoonSong next Saturday at 12pm!

The musical midday prayer in the church right next to a busy weekly market aims to take people out of their everyday lives for a moment, to offer them time for peace and reflection. The church thus shows itself in its essential form, as an inviting and hospitable church that is good for soul and body.


Pfarrer Roland Herpich, Director of the Berliner Missionswerk and at the same time Commissioner for Ecumenism and World Mission of the Evangelical Church Berlin-Brandenburg-Schlesische Oberlausitz