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Greetings to the 1000. subscriber of oyu YouTube-Channel. Proud to be now YouTube Premium Partner.

shortly the numbers of subscribers of our YouTube-Channel increased to more than 1000.. Now we are member of YouTube Premium which brings us several advantages.

Did you subscribe our channel yet? Don’t miss any live stream, no new video, no new wonderful choir music.

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NoonSong: Anekdote

NoonSong: Anekdote

NoonSong-Sänger Werner Blau wird auf der Strasse laut hupend von einer schwarzen Limousine angehalten.

Listen to the past NoonSong

Listen to the past NoonSong

Always listen to the past NoonSong here. We will make it available for you to listen to for a week after each performance (without login).
If you’d like to listen to all recorded NoonSongs, please register a user account.

The Church Am Hohenzollernplatz Berlin

The Church Am Hohenzollernplatz Berlin

The church building focuses the Hohenzollernplatz on itself and, with its 66m high tower (including the cross) on the north side of the choir, creates a dominant urban landmark. Get to know the “God’s Power Station”. Get to know the “power plant of God”.